Wynn Summer Classic Results

Wynn Resorts
June 22, 2018

Wynn Resorts needed a bit of good press and the summer classic poker tournament is helping with that. Wynn has been in the news regarding sexual allegations. The 2018 Wynn Summer Classic is just what the casino might need to show that the operations are further from Steve Wynn than ever. The Summer Classic finished Tuesday, June 19, 2018. It was a $1,100 entry for a no-limit hold’em tournament. The festival managed to attract more people this year than in years’ past. The prize pool was also set at $1 million, which ended up doubling because of the players at… Read More

MGM Offering Increased

June 19, 2018

The Las Vegas Sands is not the only casino trying to raise money. A few days ago, the Las Vegas Sands was in the news about gaining more money by extending their loan. Now, MGM is in the news talking about their senior notes. The initial offering was going to be $500 million, but after a bit of a look through the books the company is going for a different sum. MGM is looking for a billion. The company has not provided a reason for why they need to increase the senior notes offering, which is double what it was… Read More

New Jersey Offers Sports Betting

New Jersey Offers Sports Betting
June 16, 2018

The world knows online and land based sports betting is key. Plenty of countries are working towards getting sports betting to be more of a thing in their markets. GAN raising money is just one company that is attempting to get sports betting as part of their offerings in more places. The US Supreme Court’s recent decision is another thing that makes us take notice of sports wagering and how popular it is. The Federal Court overturned a ruling that would limit sports betting to Nevada only for US people, which is making several states happy. Just yesterday, Mississippi announced… Read More

Las Vegas Sands Increases Loan Term

Las Vegas Sands
June 12, 2018

A few months ago, the Las Vegas Sands needed a loan extension. They reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it would need time to repay the loans and asked for the extension for the Marina bay Sands Casino. The casinos are in Singapore. They asked for an extension of three years, which would mean a repayment date of 2024. The revolving loans that are held by the company were set to end in February of 2020. The new maturity date was granted. Las Vegas Sands is not asking for another change to the loan. They would like… Read More