Live Casino Games

Live casino games allow the player to enjoy certain live dealer casino games in the comfort of their own home and also benefit from some social interaction because the online casino live games are run by a real-life dealer instead of a program. Live dealer casino games has gained huge amounts of popularity over recent years due to the exciting element of being able to interact with a real-life dealer, as well as other players, which adds an extra level of realism and also enhances gameplay.

What are Live Casino Games?

As an online casino enthusiast, you are probably aware that the games you enjoyed are powered by RNG or Random Number Generator software and this provides the player with an authentic online casino experience and keeps things fair for the player.

In the world of live dealer casino games, the games are streamed live to your PC or tablet and a real-life dealer is dealing cards, announcing winners or dropping balls for games like roulette. This style of gameplay is as close as you can get to a traditional casino without having to leave the house and can be accessed on PCs/Macs and mobile devices via apps that support live dealer casino games.

Online casino live games differ from casino games mainly down to the human element that is included in an online casino environment and these online casino live games do not use any RNG software because they rely on the cards or actions of a real human.

The beauty of technology fused with “bricks and mortar” style online casino gameplay is that you don’t have to sacrifice excitement when playing live dealer casino games and you can enjoy all of the classics you know and love in the comfort of your own home.

Online casino live games are also constantly being updated and tailored to meet the needs and demands of players around the world with built in features like live chat and live notifications to other players around the world when jackpots are won or players are having hot streaks. These elements come together to make a well-rounded live casino games experience that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of skill level or experience at any of our recommended online casinos that offer live games.

Types of Live Casino Games


This game is played by a human real-life dealer collecting bets from other players and taking on all physical aspects of spinning the wheel, dropping the ball and announcing winners. Winnings are credited to you digitally just as you would receive winnings on any other style of online casino game.


This is one of the more popular live dealer casino games because playing any game that involves beating the house is much better when there is a real-life dealer in front of you. Same rules apply to this version of Blackjack.

Dream Catcher

A new development in live casino games is Dream Catcher. This game is similar to roulette except players place bets on a big lucky wheel and try their luck in a live casino environment. Not all online casinos offer this game, but our list of recommended online casinos that offer live games do.


This French casino game is close in rules to that of Blackjack where the player is up against “the banker” and wins with a high hand that totals 9. This is becoming a popular choice in the world of live dealer casino games.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a variation on Texas Hold’em where players play the dealer’s hand and do not play against each other. This is one of the more exciting live casino games because you can see the real-life dealer and feel like you are a part of the game.

Three Card Poker

Three card Poker or three card Brag has gained popularity with players who enjoy live dealer casino games due to the game’s simple rules and excitement of playing against a real-life dealer. The winner is determined by whoever has the best three card hand.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

This game is similar to other poker based games but the main difference is that raises made after the initial ante still have action even if the dealer doesn’t open.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is another one of the live action games that is truly enjoyable in a real casino environment. This game is similar to other variations of poker but the main difference is that there is zero communication allowed between players and all players are trying to beat the dealer and not each other.

Why Play Live Casino Games Instead of Online Casino Games?

This question comes down to personal preference but there are some distinct advantages to playing live dealer casino games as opposed to playing regular online casino games. One of these advantages is that you have the ability to see a real person controlling the game and you are not leaving everything up to the RNG. Some players feel that they have a better chance at winning in a real environment and want to keep as much of human element involved in the games as possible.

In some cases, players have grown up with traditional casinos and feel better knowing that traditions have not truly been made into digital games and can relax knowing that a real-life dealer person is at the helm just like the old days.