Australian Poker Runs on Luck-Based Gambling

Australian Poker
February 20, 2018

Australian poker players truly seem to be scraping the barrel, or at least that is the picture that is being painted across the world, according to new research. In accordance with the latest research out of the Australian Gambling Research Centre or AGRC, there are approximately 132 000 Australians engaging in poker at any time in the country. If you’re wondering how they got to this picture, the report drew from the research released in last November’s Gambling in Australia findings which unveiled findings from the 2015 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey. Of course, all of the… Read More

Asian High Rollers Wreck the Star

Star Casino
February 17, 2018

The Star Entertainment Group in Australia is suffering badly at the hands of VIP members from Asian countries who have been treating their casino as a mere pitstop on the way to something better. The overall profit the group produced fell spectacularly for the second half of 2017 and it is largely being blamed upon the reluctance of the Asian whales to lay down the cash. The Financial Results That Shocked the World The company released their financial results this past Friday and the results are as follows; the company had a 3.3% increase for revenue, which equates to A$1.27bn… Read More

Myanmar Government Becomes More Open to Casinos

February 13, 2018

Many will be thrilled to hear that the Myanmar government is becoming more open to permitting casinos within the country, due to the fact that the government wants to boost the level of tourism within the country. The Eleven Media Group recently shared that the Myanmar government is seriously looking into the installment of casinos within main resorts on the island. The catch, well the casinos will only be open to foreigners and not to citizens of Myanmar. Why Is the Country Considering This? Eleven Media Group shared that the main reason for this unprecedented decision is the fact that… Read More

Sweden Will Be Declaring That Loot Boxes Are Gambling Soon

Sweden Loot Boxes
February 10, 2018

The loot boxes that are so common within video games and online gaming can become illegal as soon as January 2019. Recently the Swedish radio station P3 News announced that the Swedish Government is one of a long list of countries to come out and state that they think that the RNG loot boxes are forms of gambling. Why, the RNG loot boxes require children to make use of proper money – normally their parent’s hard earned money and therefore is a form of gambling that is being exposed to children. What the Swedish Government Has to Say The Minister… Read More