BetConstruct Live Roulette Now Available for Cashier Client Application


Last Friday, renowned gambling service provide BetConstruct announced that it has integrated the Live Roulette Game to the Cashier Client application. The development is part of the company’s ambitious expansion plans. Primarily, the aim is to ensure both longer player lifetimes as well as higher stakes.

Like other titles from the developer’s Live Casino platform, the game has all the bells and whistles that the players love about BetConstruct’s software. Many gamers will now be very happy with having the chance to live stream games. These will be played in the company’s Live Studio with the dealer.

At the center of this is the Betshop Client. Cashiers will use this to serve players, accept and pay bets, register clients, and even make deposit and withdrawal requests for online gamblers. With roulette now joining the existing keno and bet-on poker offerings, we can expect even more fun from the experience.

“BetConstruct has done its best to develop certain algorithms to integrate all the markets of the game in the Betshop, opening up wide opportunities for land-based operators,” read BetConstruct’s press release.

In addition to attracting more Betshop players, the arrival of Live Roulette to the platform will also be very beneficial to the gaming operators. They will now be able to accept more bets and reach more customers using a single tool.

Express Roulette Comes to BetConstruct’s Live Casino

Another amazing roulette development that BetConstruct recently announced is the addition of an Express Roulette to its Live Casino Games portfolio. This is like classic roulette in many ways but it does come with some notable differences. For instance, express roulette has two roulettes spinning simultaneously which means that players can enjoy having double bets.

To spice things up for its users, BetConstruct is offering an x1000+ payoff in cases where corresponding results appear at two roulette tables. There is also the amazing but option Favorite Bets features. This essentially gives the players a chance to create in-time and out-of-time bet combinations which they can then save.

More interestingly, there is also an Autoplay button that opens the window to activate the automatic betting mode. That is a great way to keep the fun going even when you need to step away from your gaming device. Finally, players will also be very excited about the available option to view the results of all the games that have been played on the Bet History board.

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