Debuts Innovative Livespins Feature


Famous bitcoin casino has developed an exciting new feature for viewers who like watching streamers play video slots and other casino games. Projects using cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology have been under development at the firm, and they promise to bring about a dramatic change in the online gaming industry.

By using the enhanced connectedness and savviness of the semantic web, web 3.0 allows Bspin to provide a more dynamic and interesting experience for its consumers.

A recent innovation on the Bspin platform, “livespins” have added a social dimension previously absent from the world of online gaming. The addition of live spinners that users can watch and interact with in real-time elevates the fun and interactivity of livespins to a whole new level.

An Alternative to Existing Streaming Platforms

This is the ideal replacement for Twitch, which is beginning to restrict gambling-related programs and broadcasts. The platform aspires to provide something even better, though, by allowing you to win prizes with the live stream if they hit a jackpot.

Bspin’s goal with Livespins is to make the game available to as many people as possible, so they designed it simple enough to pick up and start playing even if you have never watched a streamer before. In many ways, it will be quite like playing a video slot machine alone, but with the additional bonus of being able to interact with other people while doing so.

Loads of Other Features

Lots of other amazing stuff can be found in Livespins, and it all works together to create a stimulating social experience. Players start by picking a character, a name, and a skin tone. The chat allows for frequent identity changes, however, users should not abuse this feature by switching identities too often.

It is as easy as typing a message into the input box and clicking the send button for viewers to communicate with one another and the broadcaster. Additionally, they have the option of sending messages as humorous-themed gifs and include replies and emojis.

SpinnyBot is another option for interacting with others in chats. If you type “!help” into the chat box, SpinnyBot will reply with a list of useful commands you may use while playing. Needless to say, it will be essential to abide by the community rules while chatting.

Those who bet behind get to choose both their wager and their number of turns. Once they are there, all they have to do is push the spin button and watch the streamer play. Each player’s stake is multiplied by the streamer’s win multiplier and added to the pot for everyone who bet behind the streamer on that spin.

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