Super Bowl Lll Is Going Haywire; Check Brady’s Missing Jersey

Super Bowl Lii
January 30, 2018

There are more than just the players who are getting in the zone for the Super Bowl showdown this week Sunday. No it is not just the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles who are going overboard with their preparations, another more unexpected persons have been working like there is not tomorrow. Who are these persons in questions, well bookmakers naturally? And they are not dishing out your traditional bets either, oh no, this time they have lost their minds and are predicting things that very little to do with football and a lot more with the antics on… Read More

United Kingdom May Ban Credit Cards from Online Gambling

Credit Cards and Online Gambling
January 27, 2018

The debates are continuing to range within the United Kingdom over the gambling system as a whole and whether or not there are certain people who are more at risk for succumbing to the dangers of gambling due to the presence of credit cards. The United Kingdom has had a long-established gambling industry and there are many within government who want to add further red tape to the industry through removing credit cards. Why credit cards, well, there are many within government who claim that the instance of problem gambling has risen exponentially over the past couple of years. However,… Read More Wagers $1.5B on Integrated Resort in Japan

January 23, 2018 is a well-known Chinese, online sports lottery, and is one of the many companies that are keen to get involved in bringing an integrated resort to the popular province of Hokkaido in Japan. have put down $1.5B in a consortium it created with Kamori Kanko, a Japanese tourism company. Other companies that joined in on the bid include Vision Knight Capital, SIG Asia investments, and Sequoia Capital China. It seems as if everyone wants a slice of Japan’s promising casino market with big names like SunCity also wanting to stake a claim. The Proposed Hokkaido Resort The ideas… Read More

FBI Bust of Underground Poker Includes Local Cops

Illegal Poker Kansas
January 20, 2018

FBI raided an underground poker location in Wichita Kansas, which included the arrest of cops and a state highway patrolman. The indictment released Thursday, January 18, 2018, states the fellow lawmen were involved in illegal gambling and hindered an FBI investigation. The three men arrested are Michael Zajkowski, Bruce Mackey, and Brock Wedman. The three men were in their middle ages between 45 and 50 years old. Wedman faces not only obstruction charges like the other two men, but also one count of lying. An FBI agent entered the game, posing as a player. Wedman was suspicious of the “new… Read More