BetConstruct To Build Branded Live Casino Halls for Its Partners


Renowned live casino solutions provider BetConstruct has recently announced that it is in a race against time thanks to its recent expansion bid which will involve built new live casino halls in just 30 days. The company is already quite popular for its world-class live casino studio that is used by several top online gambling companies across the world. The goal, in this particular case, is to expand the live casino studio capacity, something that they are hoping to achieve in the shortest time possible. That will be quite a fete but the company’s management is pretty confident that they will certainly pull it off.

Why Now?

It goes without saying that online live dealer games have been growing in popularity. There was already significant growth in the sector by the time 2020 rolled around but the coronavirus pandemic seemed to have catalyzed the process as retail gaming spaces shutdown. The lack of retail gambling options sparked a lot of interest in the online gambling space, something that contributed to the growth in the live gaming sector’s popularity.

Consequently, this has been a great opportunity for BetConstruct and other live gaming studios to step up and fill the gap that has been left by the closure of retail casino businesses. That said, by expanding the physical footprint of its studio, the company will be able to significantly improve accessibility to live gaming services.

To make it even better, the pledge to have new live casino halls ready to use in about a month is certainly a very big deal. As of now, BetConstruct is more than capable of delivering over 200 dedicated live gaming tables on request. The expansion means that they will be even more to live gaming tables for its partners to add to their game catalogs.

Tons of Customization

Gaming operators that are looking for some level of customization are set to get the option for a ton of customization. Their customers can, therefore, look forward to having distinctive designs, a diverse range of supported languages as well as dedicated game collections. BetConstruct’s game collection has been growing rapidly over the past couple of months and this is certainly a great opportunity for gaming operators to diversify their offerings.

Operators who want to offer more brand-centered experiences will be able to do so with custom hall colors, a number of live gaming tables, table design, screens, game types, accessories as well as the attires of the dealers. Moreover, BetConstruct will also be responsible for such things as customer and business support which will further be complemented by the necessary licenses and a custom game development service.

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