BetConstruct’s Live Casino Solution to Debut at ICE London 2022


It has been a long time coming but finally live casino provider CreedRoomz which is part of BetConstruct will be making its debut at the upcoming ICE London exhibition. While it still has ties to BetConstruct, this time the live casino gaming brand will have its own separate stand.

Needless to say, this is a huge opportunity for the outstanding live casino gaming brand. It will have a unique opportunity to showcase its robust range of games and solutions. These include an impressive range of 18 traditional live casino games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. A key highlight of this robust portfolio of games is the brand’s game show variant Express Roulette which boasts of payouts of up to x1,300.

In addition to getting the chance to showcase what it is bringing to the world of online gambling, CreedRoomz will also have a unique opportunity to meet and engage with other popular brands. If the previous exhibitions are anything to go by, the company may even end up finding great potential partners thanks to the event.

Open to Collaboration

CreedRoomz’s leadership has already expressed that the company is indeed open to potential partners. Aside from welcoming suggestions on how to improve its products, CreedRoomz has also said that it will be willing to develop exclusive games for its partners at their request. The package will include dedicated brand tablets with branded equipment and dealer uniforms.

Land-based casino operators are also not left out of this. CreedRoomz is offering a flexible solution that will give brick-and-mortar casinos a chance to set up online operations at optimal costs. Most of these physical casinos already have the infrastructure in place which will make such initiatives even easier to pursue.

Among the amazing innovations that CreedRoomz will be showcasing during the ICE exhibitions will be the in-house built robot croupier they are calling Hands-Do. This is the first of its kind and it is positioned as a way of portraying what the future of live casino games might be like.

Hands-Do has been currently been trained to play Baccarat and Dragon Tiger games. Those are great places to start but CreedRoomz has ensured that it can do more than that. According to the company, the software that controls the Hands-Do is highly advanced which means it is possible to train it to execute more algorithms. It will, therefore, likely be able to play even more casino games. We cannot wait to see what more it can do.

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