Jao Poker Closes and Players Left Searching for Pennies

Jao Poker

For those of you who are unaware Jao Poker is an unregulated online platform for poker players within the USA. This particular platform has recently announced to its players that closure of the platform will be commencing soon; however, the kicker in this situation is that there has been no communication with regards to the money the players have put into the site. The lack of communication over the return of monies has understandably placed many of the players on edge.

How the Closure Happened

Jao Poker has been suffering for quite some time now, and it comes to no surprise to anyone within the know that this particular site has been headed towards the exit for quite some time now. The announcement of the site closure was apparently sent through an email notice, according to numerous media reports, to the users of the platform. Imagine sitting drinking your morning coffee, scrolling through your inbox and seeing an email announcing that your favorite online poker site is about to be closed. And to top it all off there is no mention at all about where all of the money you have put into the site is going either; let’s just say that the players of Jao Poker probably had a really bad start to their days.

Jao Poker has stated that all communications regarding user’s monies, accounts and any other information pertaining to the closure of the site will be posted to the ‘community poker chat’ on the platform. Jao Poker has had a turbulent past and was facing a steep challenge and it is most certainly not the first unregulated online poker platform aimed at US citizens to be shoved out of the market. Jao Poker operated out of Cambodia and was primarily focused at drawing the attention of American citizens.

The former sale representatives of Jao Poker have taken to Facebook to insist that they have no information to share over the whereabouts of players monies or any other information regarding the shutdown of the site. The shutdown of Jao Poker has been compared to other unregulated online poker closures such as Lock Poker. However, it must be noted that Jao Poker had a far more minimal traffic rate, with it hardly being noticed by the Poker-scout authorities. However, there have been incidents where users have taken to sites to report of how they requested a withdrawal of their winnings at the beginning of February and have still yet to hear anything.

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