Live Poker Hits Another Roadblock in Some States


Less than a month after the grand reopening of card rooms, it seems like live poker may be going back to the shelves due to a few concerns raised by state authorities in Nevada and California. According to the governors of both states are of the opinion that there is still a lot that needs to be done to ensure the safety of everyone.

Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada categorically said that if things in the state either got worse or showed no sign of improvement, he would not “hesitate to take any action necessary to protect the public, including reinstituting previous restrictions. I am currently reviewing all the data to determine potential next steps.” California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has also extensively talked about the implementation of more restrictive policies all of which are designed to ensure the well-being of everyone is protected.

The situation with the coronavirus pandemic is still quite a big deal especially considering recent spikers in infections that is likely to lead to the governors issuing new stay-at-home orders. The impact will certainly be felt especially by the card rooms which have been struggling to stay afloat ever since the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to operate online.

Now, while nothing has been cast in stone just yet, it is safe to say that the next couple of weeks will definitely be vital to how business proceeds for the foreseeable future. Even so, it will obviously take quite a while before the situation in the online poker world comes back to normal.

A Bit of Hope in Minnesota

While the situation seems to have gotten a little tight in Nevada and California, live poker lovers in Minnesota may be able to start enjoying more poker gambling action.

“When poker will return has been one of the most-asked questions I have fielded since March. I am glad to have the answer now and look forward to July 9 when we put the cards in the air.”

Vice President of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman.

The Card Casino Vice President of Operation also affirmed the fact that they have already gotten enough experience and are not adequately prepared to reopen. Naturally, a lot of measures had to be put in place to keep everyone safe. For instance, only 14 out of the usual 26 tables will be available when the venue reopens. In addition to that, the constant disinfection of the venue is also going to be a huge part of the daily operations of the venue.

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