Macau’s Police Cast a Loan-Sharking Net

June 30, 2018

Macau’s target audience has changed since the Chinese government started their crackdown. Casinos are targeting mass market gamblers instead of VIPs. But, the crackdown is far from over. Loan sharks throughout Asia, including in Macau tend to imprison debtors until their family will pay. Macau is attempting to root out all the loan sharks conducting illegal business and put them in prison. The latest situation occurred on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Police arrested 113 suspects, who are thought to be involved in loan-sharking. The Judiciary Police have worked hard in Macau to find the individuals who are involved in loan-sharking…. Read More

iGaming Sites Building Traffic in Slovakia

June 26, 2018

The beginning of June was about overturning a gambling ban in Bratislava by Slovakia’s court system. Slovakia is however going ahead with online gambling bans, putting certain sites on a blacklist for Internet service providers to block. Slovakia is not keen to let iGaming websites into their country, but one guest contributor believes there is still an important lesson for these sites on building traffic. Ivana Flynn who is a Malta SEO consultant recently discussed how iGaming sites will be able to build traffic. If Slovakia decides to allow online gambling, then the industry operators need to be ready to… Read More

Government Grants New Anti-Gambling Addiction Law in Japan

Government Grants New Anti-Gambling Addiction Law in Japan
May 29, 2018

The Japanese Diet has taken the rise in problem gambling extremely seriously, this past weekend a new law was swiftly approved in the first chamber of the Japanese Diet. The timing of the new act, which will aid individuals who have been identified as having negative gambling tendencies, has come into the limelight at just the right time. The Liberal Democratic Party or LDP has positioned the Integrated Resorts (IR) Implementation Bill as a number one priority on the to-do list for the next government session. Putting Differences Aside It was recently reported that the three major parties within Japan,… Read More

China’s Middle Class Will Shape Asia’s Casino Industry

China’s Middle Class Will Shape Asia’s Casino Industry
May 8, 2018

China applies a heavy hand to their gambling industry, including limiting what is available and where. In a recent study, it was stated China’s middle class would start to shape the casino industry in Asia. It is an industry that was once full of VIP players and is now changing. Last month the news about leaving behind VIPs showed the swing toward middle-class gamblers. Tourism statistics are also being studied to determine if what is being seen in China and Asia is what is truly happening. According to outbound trips from China, there has been exponential growth. The scale of… Read More