Playtech Launches New Dedicated Live Casino Studio


Renowned gambling technology solutions provider Playtech has recently unveiled a dedicated Live Casino studio in Zurich, Switzerland. This new development is a huge leap forward for Playtech especially considering that it is the first live casino of its kind in Switzerland. It also happens to be the second of its kind in the whole of Europe.

The development also affirms Playtech’s role as a key part of the Swiss Casino’s operations. Moreover, it further deepens the cooperation between the two companies – that’s because they will be running the Live Casino studio as partners. Their collaboration first kicked off back in 2019 and since then it has only been growing stronger. Together, they launched the Playtech Casino and Live Casino offerings to the massive Swiss gambling markets. Later, they also brought the Playtech Ipoker network to life. Now, the focus seems to have shifted to building up the technology company’s superior B2B strategy in new markets.

As it stands, Swiss Casinos runs all four of the country’s largest land-based casino operations. Customers of these gambling operations will thus soon have access to all the amazing games that will be streamed from the state-of-the-art studio. Having direct access to Playtech Live tables means that the players can enjoy a solid range of live casino games. These include classic 7-seat and live roulette among others.

Key Focus on Player Experience

Overseeing all that gaming action will be a team of professional dealers. Swiss Casinos and Playtech also ensure that the dealers were speakers of the native language to ensure that the players are treated to nothing short of the best gaming experiences.

Speaking on the new offering, Patrick Mastai, the online director of Swiss Casinos stated that he is very confident in what they are delivering to the market. He noted that this is an unrivaled addition that has been built to an incredibly high standard thanks to the collaboration of teams from both companies.

“Working so closely with the dedicated and skilled Playtech Live team has also been a great experience. We look forward to developing this partnership further as we continue to grow our product and content offering in Switzerland,” he commented.

Margarita Terlanova, the senior customer relations manager at Playtech Live also expressed her excitement about the new Live Casino studio. She noted that thanks to collaborative effort they “have been able to deliver an industry-leading online experience that mirrors the feeling of playing inside one of Swiss Casinos’ leading land-based casinos.”

Those are some bold claims but the reputations of both companies certainly play a role in how the offering will be welcomed. So far, it seems to be geared for a lot of success.

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