New Jersey Offers Sports Betting

New Jersey Offers Sports Betting

The world knows online and land based sports betting is key. Plenty of countries are working towards getting sports betting to be more of a thing in their markets. GAN raising money is just one company that is attempting to get sports betting as part of their offerings in more places.

The US Supreme Court’s recent decision is another thing that makes us take notice of sports wagering and how popular it is. The Federal Court overturned a ruling that would limit sports betting to Nevada only for US people, which is making several states happy. Just yesterday, Mississippi announced they will allow tribal casinos to have sports betting because of the supreme court decision, plus they are able to do things a little differently with the laws that govern their tribal casinos. New Jersey is the second state to launch sports betting.

New Jersey in the News Again

New Jersey is the state that wanted sports betting the most and they are only too happy to get their state laws in place to ensure that New Jersey sports betting can begin. Regulators are responsible for outlining gambling laws as it pertains to sports betting, even eSports betting. Regulators are giving eSports betting a thumbs up now that everyone is able to have sports betting in their states. But, there is an age limit.

Regulators are going to allow eSports betting with an 18 plus competitor caveat, which means you have to be of a certain age to wager and you also have to ensure that everyone partaking in the tournament is of legal age. There was a time when video gaming was Pong, and kids would be called “geeks” if they played indoor games too much. These kids were looked on as nothing but too small to play real sports. Now, we have the video gaming industry that is taking the world by storm.

eSports is huge, a billion-dollar industry, where children are making money. It is why the New Jersey sports betting law was about to have a prohibited section to include eSports betting. The governor wants to ensure that children are not going to have access to betting or that sports betting will earn a bad name for allowing people to wager on eSports.

However, upon learning that eSports might be null and void for sports betting, people took to the online world and are asking for the law to be very specific. Any event on an international or national stage that has minority participants cannot be wagered on.

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