SIS Unveils Industry-First Live Esports Betting Product

February 5, 2019

Esports betting has been growing quite quickly thanks to more investor and operator interest in the sector. The most recent supplier to take the plunge into esports betting is Sports Information Services, otherwise referred to as SIS, which on Tuesday, February 5 unveiled its new sports betting product at the ICE London. Dubbed “SIS Competitive Gaming”, the new gaming product which is specifically built for sportsbooks will be broadcasting live head-to-head competitions between gamers. SIS has built a great reputation for itself in the global betting industry over the last 30 years thanks to its dedication to delivering top-notch short… Read More

New Jersey Offers Sports Betting

New Jersey Offers Sports Betting
June 16, 2018

The world knows online and land based sports betting is key. Plenty of countries are working towards getting sports betting to be more of a thing in their markets. GAN raising money is just one company that is attempting to get sports betting as part of their offerings in more places. The US Supreme Court’s recent decision is another thing that makes us take notice of sports wagering and how popular it is. The Federal Court overturned a ruling that would limit sports betting to Nevada only for US people, which is making several states happy. Just yesterday, Mississippi announced… Read More