Playtech’s Innovative Live Casino Gameshow Now Online


As a major step forward, Playtech, a leading gambling technology supplier, announced the official release of its engaging live casino product, “Adventures Beyond Wonderland,” for the American gaming audience. This groundbreaking game show is now available in the United States with a permanent studio located in the exciting state of New Jersey. With round-the-clock availability, the game show will provide participants with nonstop enjoyment.

The introduction of “Adventures Beyond Wonderland” was a significant addition to Playtech’s catalog, and it exemplified the company’s ongoing dedication to providing players with the best possible gaming experiences.  It is still one of the most talked about releases of the year, even though it has been out for almost two and a half years and has already established itself as a fan favorite among players.

According to Playtech, “Adventures Beyond Wonderland” was developed as an entertainment-led idea that has been successful in other countries because of its fresh take on the genre. The company was prepared to launch this groundbreaking game show to the American market after its resounding success in the United Kingdom by capitalizing on the program’s unique theme components and spectacular visual visuals.

Lots Of Features for Gamers

This captivating live game unfolded within an intricately designed studio setting, where dealers assumed the roles of iconic characters. These charismatic hosts took the reins of the main game, in addition to orchestrating the innovative bonus games known as ‘Wonderspins’ and ‘Walterspins.’ The studio itself was designed to rotate, fostering a unique and dynamic experience for players. Augmented reality seamlessly blended with real-time interactions, enabling players to engage both with the game and its charismatic hosts.

Playtech’s in-depth description of “Adventures Beyond Wonderland” paints a picture of a magical and immersive gaming environment, complete with a colorful cast of characters and eye-popping scenery. This digital excursion took gamers to a fantastical realm packed with exciting elements, such as carefully constructed bonus rounds. In addition, there was a standalone minigame called “Magic Dice” that was hosted in a delightful tea party setting, which players may choose to participate in if they so desired.

The First of Many

As Playtech embarked on its ambitious expansion trajectory across the United States and beyond, the company was committed to delivering an ever-diversifying suite of products and services. This strategic maneuver aimed to fortify Playtech’s footprint in strategically significant regions, thereby ensuring that players were endowed with a superlative and unparalleled live gaming experience.

The CEO of Playtech Live, Edo Haitin, aptly encapsulated the significance of this milestone, stating that the introduction of the first bona fide game show experience to the American market is a source of immense pride. Haitin further expressed that live casino isn’t merely an integral facet of the gambling industry; it has seamlessly melded into the entertainment landscape, poised for sustained growth. In the prevailing gaming landscape, players rightfully anticipate and deserve cutting-edge, experiential content that sparks moments of sheer entertainment.

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