Las Vegas Casino Executives Discuss Reopening Business

April 17, 2020

It goes without saying that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the world’s economy. The retail sector of the gambling industry has been one of the ones that have been impacted most by the pandemic. In renowned gambling hubs such as Las Vegas, Nevada, the industry has lost billions of dollars and this is set to continue for quite some time. Now, casino executives from rival companies in the state have recently held informal talks regarding the potential reopening of business. The goal was to try and forecast and plan for how the gaming hub will… Read More

MGM Offering Increased

June 19, 2018

The Las Vegas Sands is not the only casino trying to raise money. A few days ago, the Las Vegas Sands was in the news about gaining more money by extending their loan. Now, MGM is in the news talking about their senior notes. The initial offering was going to be $500 million, but after a bit of a look through the books the company is going for a different sum. MGM is looking for a billion. The company has not provided a reason for why they need to increase the senior notes offering, which is double what it was… Read More