Las Vegas Casino Executives Discuss Reopening Business

April 17, 2020

It goes without saying that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the world’s economy. The retail sector of the gambling industry has been one of the ones that have been impacted most by the pandemic. In renowned gambling hubs such as Las Vegas, Nevada, the industry has lost billions of dollars and this is set to continue for quite some time. Now, casino executives from rival companies in the state have recently held informal talks regarding the potential reopening of business. The goal was to try and forecast and plan for how the gaming hub will… Read More

Pnxbet Unveils Live Esports Betting Category

April 10, 2020

With the ongoing global slowdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, sporting activities have become nearly non-existent. Sports bettors and sports fans have been dealt a bad hand as they no longer have games to indulge in. Things are beginning to change though as a decent number of online gambling platforms have been seeking fresh alternatives to sports betting. Two industries are currently leading this change: the crypto gaming industry and esports. The latest move in this regard is the launch of live esports and virtual sports category by Pnxbet, a very popular brand in the world of crypto and online… Read More

Demand for Live Casino Games Surges Amid Outbreak

March 20, 2020

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on the gambling industry due to the fact that casinos have been forced to shut down and gamers forced to stay in their homes. Despite the fact that most people have to stay down as the relevant parties try to deal with the pandemic, they are still trying to find ways of enjoying the activities that they love. For gamblers, the obvious option has been online gambling. Now, online gambling was very popular even before the onset of the virus but now there is even more demand for the games since… Read More