City of Dreams Leaving LRWC Causes Massive Losses

City of Dreams
May 19, 2018

After the City of Dreams Manila pulled out from the Leisure and Resorts World Corp. or LRWC for short, the total income for the groups’ 1st quarter has plummeted by 69.7% this year. After the financial statements from the firm were released a startling picture has been portrayed, the value of net income for the first quarter of the year previously stood at PHP272.1 million or US$5.46 million but it is now only standing at PHP82.4 million or US$1.57 million. The Causes of the Loss The company did point out that if not for several unfortunate and uncontrollable acts the… Read More

City of Dreams Boosts Belle Corps Profits to $67.5M

City of Dreams Manila
March 6, 2018

As everyone in business knows at the end of the day its all about your bottom line, however, we are absolutely certain that everyone at Belle Corp must be over the moon at the recent boost thanks to City of Dreams Manila. City of Dreams Manila through all of its gambling operations managed to lift the total revenue for the Belle Corporation in the Philippines by 13% in 2017. How Much Belle Corp Earned Belle shared with the Philippine Stock Exchange that their total net income rose by PHP3.5 billion or US$67.5 million in 2017 from the 2016 total of… Read More