Live! Casino Owner Opposes Online Sports Betting Regulation

June 18, 2019

David Cordish, the chairman of the Cordish Corporation and the owner of Live! Casino, one of Maryland’s leading revenue generators has recently shared his stance on the ongoing plans for the legalization and regulation of online and mobile sports betting. Speaking at a gaming conference that was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey last week, the casino mogul, said that Maryland should only consider the approval of retail, on-site sports betting and leave out online or mobile sports betting. According to Mr. Cordish, lawmakers in Maryland should craft laws that will “drive people to facilities for sports betting” while saying… Read More

UK Gambling Commission to Roll Out New iGaming Rules

February 12, 2019

As online gambling in the United Kingdom continues to grow, the UK Gambling Commission continues to look for new and better ways to improve consumers protections to ensure a safer and fairer gaming sector. The commission’s latest effort in this regard is the introduction of a new set of rules that are designed to not only protect the underage from gambling-related harm but also ensure that the online gambling industry in the United Kingdom is fair and convenient for the consumers. Set to come into effect on May 7, the new rules and principles were arrived at following an open… Read More

Swedish Gambling Authority Issues More Gaming Licenses

December 18, 2018

Lotteriinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling authority has awarded five more gambling operators licenses to operate in the country’s regulated gambling market. This is perhaps part of the country’s preparation as it comes closes to launch of its much-awaited liberalized online gambling market – the laws pertaining to this development are expected to be implemented in less than a month. As it stands, the total number of licenses that have been issued by the gambling authority is 31 which is pretty impressive especially considering the fact that the newly liberalized gambling market is expected to go live by January 1. A few other… Read More