Playtech Inks Exclusive Casino Deal with Spain’s RETAbet

May 21, 2019

Renowned global omnichannel gaming company Playtech has recently announced that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with RETAbet which is one of the top sports betting operators in Spain. As per the terms of the new partnership, the companies will be offering an exclusive casino platform as well as a live casino suite to RETAbet customers. Since its services are confined to the Spanish gaming market, RETAbet may not be immediately recognizable to anyone who is not from the country. Still, the technology company that specializes in sports betting has earned its place as a top player in… Read More

Spanish Online Gaming Operators Will Make $1.22 Billion

April 7, 2018

Online gambling operators are striving to increase their revenues. A new projection says the market will reach $1.22 billion by 2023. In just five years the market will be among one of the highest earners for Spain. The report came from Ficom Leisure. Spain has not been very high on the analyst’s minds because it is a fairly new market allowing online gambling. But, not anymore. Spain has now become the focus of international market analysts with the billion euro prediction. It is likely Spain will see $1.84 billion as industry revenues over the next three to five years. Spain… Read More