NetEnt Adds Perfect Blackjack to Its Live Casino Portfolio


Renowned digital gaming systems and casino software provider NetEnt has recently added Perfect Blackjack to its Live casino portfolio. The Swedish company’s new live title is a traditional table game that allows players to learn strategies while at the same time offering them a fun-friendly RTP of 99.5 percent. With such a unique return-to-player, the game is aimed at attracting more potential customers especially those that are looking for more value from the available gaming options.

What to Expect

Perfect Blackjack manages to achieve the aforementioned 99.5 percent return by using the perfect blackjack strategy which involves trimming the house edge to 0.5 percent. However, the fun-friendly return-to-player is not the only thing that makes the game such a big deal.

The new Live casino title also has features that are meant to significantly boost player experience by adding the element of speed. It is the very first live dealer blackjack game that features an autoplay functionality. This gives players the ability to pre-select whether they want to double down or auto split according to the perfect blackjack strategy.

In addition to the autoplay feature, there are also multi-seat and multiple-players per box both of which do a great job of allowing full flexibility and scalability. With these features, the players will be able to decide to autoplay or sit hands and get back into the game when they think the time is right and they have better chances of winning.

Other notable features present in Perfect Blackjack include sides such as perfect pair. The game is also designed in a manner that will give the players the chance “to follow, watch and learn flawless strategy.”

“Beyond that, this is an innovative game that brings something truly different to the live casino market and we have seen that it’s an entertaining and popular product,” said Andres Rengifo, the director of NetEnt Live.

Perfect Blackjack also features an amazing design that will definitely make it an instant hit in the gaming platforms that it will be featured on. A lot has been improved since NetEnt offered the world a glimpse of the title back in February at the ICE Conference.

Partnership with the Rank Group.

NetEnt developed Perfect Blackjack in partnership with The Rank Group, a British gambling operator, and its Grosvenor Casinos brand which is considered to be the largest multi-channel casino operator in the United Kingdom. Grosvenor currently operates multiple land-based gaming properties and online gaming operations. Clearly, the partnership agreement between NetEnt and Grosvenor has paid off considering the impressive reception that Perfect Blackjack has received.

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