Sweden Will Be Declaring That Loot Boxes Are Gambling Soon

Sweden Loot Boxes
February 10, 2018

The loot boxes that are so common within video games and online gaming can become illegal as soon as January 2019. Recently the Swedish radio station P3 News announced that the Swedish Government is one of a long list of countries to come out and state that they think that the RNG loot boxes are forms of gambling. Why, the RNG loot boxes require children to make use of proper money – normally their parent’s hard earned money and therefore is a form of gambling that is being exposed to children. What the Swedish Government Has to Say The Minister… Read More

Loot Boxes in Video Games Under Investigation Over Gambling Concerns

November 27, 2017

Every video game player has encountered loot boxes – maybe every once in while or regularly depending on the game you are playing. If you are not familiar with the term, then loot boxes refer to the containers that often pop up in video games offering random items and prizes for players to win. Winning or losing is random – familiar, right? But does this make it gambling? The concept of loot boxes has long eluded many people with varying opinions from different areas but there is something that they can all agree on; they are unregulated and are marketed… Read More