Illinois’ Video Gambling Is Raking It In, but Casinos Aren’t Seeing a Dime

Illinois’ Video Gambling Is Raking It In
May 12, 2018

Video gambling is spinning out of control at the moment and the state of Illinois, as well as, the local government departments have benefitted immensely from the exponential increase in popularity of online gambling and games. However, not all of the parties in Illinois have gotten in on the action, casinos in cities such as Aurora where casinos used to have vast revenues are starting to face harder times. Are Casinos Dying Relics? All around Chicago, it seems that the formerly vast quantities of gambling revenue and therefore the taxation upon that revenue has dwindled; the culprit has been deemed… Read More

Spanish Online Gaming Operators Will Make $1.22 Billion

April 7, 2018

Online gambling operators are striving to increase their revenues. A new projection says the market will reach $1.22 billion by 2023. In just five years the market will be among one of the highest earners for Spain. The report came from Ficom Leisure. Spain has not been very high on the analyst’s minds because it is a fairly new market allowing online gambling. But, not anymore. Spain has now become the focus of international market analysts with the billion euro prediction. It is likely Spain will see $1.84 billion as industry revenues over the next three to five years. Spain… Read More

United Kingdom May Ban Credit Cards from Online Gambling

Credit Cards and Online Gambling
January 27, 2018

The debates are continuing to range within the United Kingdom over the gambling system as a whole and whether or not there are certain people who are more at risk for succumbing to the dangers of gambling due to the presence of credit cards. The United Kingdom has had a long-established gambling industry and there are many within government who want to add further red tape to the industry through removing credit cards. Why credit cards, well, there are many within government who claim that the instance of problem gambling has risen exponentially over the past couple of years. However,… Read More