Virtual Reality Casino Games Are Finally Here


For years, online casino gamers have been eagerly waiting for some of the biggest leaps in gaming technology since the first online casino went live on the internet. Some of the most anticipated developments have been in the fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both of which have improved significantly since they were conceptualized and are anticipated to play a monumental role in the future of gaming. However, it goes without saying that despite the tremendous leaps that we have seen in both areas, Virtual Reality has been moving at a faster pace and for that reason, it has managed to remain a prominent part of the recreational gaming community for a fairly long time.

Over the last three years, more casino software developers grasped just how revolutionary technology could be and thus have been working hard bring forth VR into the world of online casino gambling across all major platforms – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Virtual Reality technology has been a big deal in other areas for quite some time now and it was only a matter of time before the gambling industry, which is known for being an early adopter of technologies, jumped onto the bandwagon.

Why Is Virtual Reality Necessary?

Now, from an entertainment point of view, it is obvious that one of the biggest limitations when it comes to online gaming is the two-dimensional nature of most online gaming experiences. More often than never, the actual enjoyment value comes from the gambling activity itself rather than the environment. That said, one of the biggest challenges for software developers in the online gambling industry is figuring out ways of making online gambling more realistic.

While live casino gambling with living and breathing dealers has been a huge leap forward in this regard, it has also been proven to have some limitations especially when it comes to such games as online slots. Fortunately, VR has already proven to be just what is needed to push the industry forward.

In 2018, NetEnt debuted Virtual Reality formats of its most popular slot games and according to the players, the games are incredible. In fact, most of these games can be accessed on websites as well as mobile apps which offer VR access. Online slots were perhaps the biggest challenge and if some developers have figured out how to make them work with VR technology then perhaps the time has come for everyone else to take the leap.

While it is, without a doubt, a slot burn, Virtual Reality options are quickly spreading across the industry. With the right accessories, the customer can experience exceptional VR-powered gaming quality so long as the site that they are playing at has updated its online gambling platform – it should not be too long before many more companies start doing this.

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